Marubeni to Buy Mainstream Renewable Stake

(06-14-13) US Mainstream has decided to cancel their Ohio projects in Auglaize and Shelby Counties, stopping lease payments and releasing their recorded leases. Attached here is a copy of the letter Mainstream sent to farmers who signed leases. A similar letter was sent to Shelby County. The 12,000 acres is combined, as they had leased 5,200 acres in Auglaize County and 6,800 in Shelby County.

I want to thank the many people who made this possible. We will discuss the future of the group more at length at our upcoming June 22 meeting.

As we enjoy the success of our efforts let us remember it would not have been possible without one another and our neighbors who were willing to listen. We must also remember the farmers who signed leases remain our neighbors. We were able to present out viewpoint in a civil manner and educate the public about our ideas. Let us be mindful to be gracious and respectful of the ideas of others with this good news and our success.

You can view a map of Mainstream’s project in Auglaize county here.

ANU recently sent a letter to area landowners. You can read that letter here.

You can view our latest public presentation below. Please click on full screen toggle in lower right hand corner for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

View more PowerPoint from ANU

Our Viewpoint

•Ohio is a low capacity wind generation state
•Significant numbers of local agricultural landowners have not signed leases and do not support this Mainstream project
•Ohio’s wind industry exists primarily because of artificial market support from Ohio’s renewable energy mandate as well as federal and state tax credits and abatements
•Our County’s Landscape, including The Land of The Cross Tipped Churches, is too valuable and too densely populated for projects of this nature
•1 to 5 acre residential parcels up to a mile away from a turbine may experience a decline in value of approximately 25% to 30%, and require Property Value Guarantees to be protected
•Setbacks of approximately 3,500 feet from a turbine base, 7 times the height of a 500 foot turbine, from non-consenting residential structures are necessary to address health concerns, about shadow flicker and noise
•The nature of the Process in Ohio requires the County to either: (1) commit now as to where it stands on defeat or passage of the PILOT; (2) encourage local townships to pass zoning ordinances consistent with the wishes of their residents to exhibit true local control; and/or (3) Intervene on behalf of concerned citizens into the Ohio Power Siting Board process
•Wind power may not be green at all and will lead to increased electric utility rates

If you share our viewpoint, please write a Letter to the Editor and deliver it to the Wapakoneta Daily News and the St. Marys Evening Leader.  This is one way you can help to defeat the proposed industrial wind turbine project.  Keep in mind that once a project like this is approved, it usually spreads from 50 to 75 turbines to 150 or more!  Consider the Van Wert and Champaign County projects — they have doubled in number!

Auglaize Neighbors United to Preserve and Protect Auglaize County

“ANU is a group of local property owners and citizens of Buckland, Wapakoneta, Moulton and Cridersville who have decided the idea of allowing a limited liability company to place 75 industrial wind turbines within a mile of our towns, surrounding countless rural residences, and changing the landscape of our county for the next 30 years (or forever) merits serious investigation and discussion,” the group said in its introductory news release. See WLIO interview here

Wind Energy Education

“The purpose is to try to show what the community went through with wind farms,” Auglaize Neighbors United member Mike Burton told the Wapakoneta Daily at the event. “We want to educate the public as best as we can what this will be if this development moves forward.” Read the rest of the story here

Group Opposing wind farms shows documentary

Auglaize Neighbors United presented the documentary film Windfall at the Wapa Theater Saturday morning in Wapakoneta.The movie looks at life after wind turbines were built in Meredith, New York. Spokesman Mike Burton says they are trying to get as much information out there on what can happen when a wind farm locates in a community.In case you missed Saturday morning’s viewing there will be another chance on March 12 at 7 p.m. at the Wapa Theatre, then on March 27 the movie will be shown at Otterbein Cridersville at 6:30 in the evening.See story here

Wind Turbine Movie Set

“Windfall,” a film directed by Laura Israel, documents how the development of a wind farm outside of Meredith, N.Y. divides the residents of the city and the surrounding area. More here

Global wind company eyes Auglaize County

A wind and solar energy company is looking at the Wapakoneta area to establish a wind farm. More here

Group Outlines Problems with Wind Farm

Nearly 170 people turned out for a public meeting held Tuesday by Auglaize Neighbors United (ANU) to gather information about the proposed wind turbine project in the county. More here

Group Seeks to Inform on Wind Farms

If an international corporation builds the wind farm north of Wapakoneta, the towers and blades will stretch more than 40 stories into the sky — visible to people as far away as three miles, members of a new local group say and they believe local people should have input regarding if the project should proceed or stop. More here

Company considering Auglaize County wind farm

A multinational company is considering building a wind farm in Auglaize County, an economic development official confirmed Wednesday.
U.S. Mainstream Renewable Power Inc. has completed preliminary studies for a 100-megawatt project in portions of Duchouquet, Logan and Moulton townships in north central Auglaize County, said Gregory Myers, president of Wapakoneta Area Economic Development Council.
Mainstream is discussing lease opportunities with landowners and whether their properties are appropriate for wind turbine development, Myers said.
The company will continue its analysis throughout 2012 to further determine the wind speeds and the overall feasibility for the development of a wind-generation project.
The Ohio Power Siting Board, which approves wind-turbine projects, does not have an application or pre-application on file for Mainstream and Auglaize County, the board said. Board officials also have not held any informal conversations with the company about Auglaize County. Mainstream has approached the Siting Board informally about other counties in Ohio, said Matt Butler, with the Ohio Public Utilities Commission.
The company is not quite a year into what is typically a two-year preliminary process before permitting, said Dan Schumann, senior development project manager with Mainstream.


One response to “ANU

  1. Terri Doenges 03/01/2012 at 12:41 pm

    Awesome website. Pictures are so clear, and truly show the mess of the road conditions afterwards. This is a great website. So informative. Thanks Judy for all your hard work. It is helping ANU so much, to educate the community on the “possible” wind turbine project, that is going on in our area. Have not had time yet… to read all of the website, but like what I have seen so far.

    Terri Doenges

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