Now What?

How can you help?

#1:  Write a Letter to the Editor and deliver it to the Wapakoneta Daily News or the St. Marys Evening Leader.  This will help the public to be aware of the fact that there are many people who are against industrial wind turbines in Auglaize County and against the subsidies and mandates which prop up the wind industry.

#2Contact your legislators, both State and Federal.  How do you find out who represents you?  First, you must know your 5-digit zipcode PLUS the four digit extension.  Find out that number here:  USPS Zip Code Directory.

After you know your full zip code, click here to determine your representatives:  Ohio Legislators.  If you know who your Legislators are, here are their phone numbers:  Rep. John Adams (House district 78):  Phone: (614) 466-1507; Rep. Robert Sprague (House district 76):  Phone (614) 466-3819; Senator Keith Faber (District 12):  Phone: (614) 466-7584;     Senator Cliff Hite (District 1):  Phone: (614) 466-8150; After January 1, 2013, Jim Buchy is added and he is:  Phone: (614) 466-6344

Now, the important part…CALL THEM TODAY and as OFTEN as you can.  Put their number on your speed dial.  Here is what you could say:

 “Hi, I am <your name here> and I live in Auglaize County.  I am opposed to the development of industrial wind facilities in populated areas such as Auglaize County.  I am asking you as my representative to oppose subsidies and mandates for wind power.” 

#3:  Sign the petition – Email us and we will get your signature on our petition

#4:  Other important actions you should take:

Contact your Township Trustees and County Commissioners and let them know that you oppose the County or Township allowing a private wind developer using the public road right of way.  If the County or Township allows the private company to use the right of way, you could have a trench across your property with high voltage electric in it.  Typically you own to the center of the road and neither the county nor the township should give a private company rights in your property. Make sure they know that they do not have your consent.

Contact your Legislature and support SB 216 which would repeal the renewable energy mandates. Also, importantly right now, please let our Ohio Representatives know that you support Senate Bill 289 and House Bill 443 which will expand the definition of renewable energy to include waste gas that currently is being vented to the atmosphere, this project will reduce air emissions, improve the facility’s efficiency, and tap into an underutilized resource‐‐a resource that is abundant in Ohio’s manufacturing and industrial sectors. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that Ohio’s manufacturing and industrial sectors could generate upwards of 9,800 megawatts of power from cogeneration.  We can’t see any reason why our State Representatives would not pass this bill!

Attend Public Information Meetings, Speak to You Neighbors, Contact individual Landowners

Contact County Commissioners regarding Approval or Rejection of PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes)

Our Mercer County Neighbors Successfully Stopped more than one Wind Developer and also have proposed a Wind turbine ban in St. Henry:

St. Henry in Mercer county is on track to become the first municipality in the state to ban wind turbines within corporation limits.
Council is taking a proactive approach to what could potentially be a major problem down the road. View full story here

Amendment to the Transportation Bill to extend the PTC:  SO FAR SO GOOD…If you communicated with your legislators, Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman, YOU made a BIG difference…together, we defeated the amendment to the recent transportation bill that would have extended the Production Tax Credit for wind!  GREAT NEWS!  Keep up the good work and if we become aware of any additional legislation pending in Ohio or the Congress, we will let you know!

Sample Letter to Gov Kaisich

Sample Letter to Rep Jim Jordan

Officials to Contact

Support Senator Kris Jordan and SB216


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